What are the Best Platforms for Selling Digital Products?

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The market for digital products is booming. And as consumers become more accustomed to making file-based purchases, the creativity and imagination of those selling them is flourishing. Whether you’re providing downloadable content that supports a physical product, or marketing a fully-digital offering, you’ll know that finding the right platform for selling is essential.

In this article we’ll explore five of the key qualities that you’ll want to consider when making your choice. From selling licence keys on Shopify to Photoshop brushes on Etsy, there’s a huge variety of options out there – and ultimately, you’ll need to weigh up each opportunity in light of the products you’re selling. So, let’s dive in. 

1. Great Customer Experience

First and foremost, when selling a digital product, it's especially important to ensure you’re delivering a truly top notch experience for your customers. After all, they’re not receiving a physical product from you, so the interaction they have with your store is a huge part of the overall impression they’ll form.

When it comes to slick customer experience, Shopify is a platform known for its streamlined design and intuitive interactions. Shopify stores are quick to get up and running and still deliver a professional look and feel. However, in order to sell digital files, you’ll want to upgrade the native functionality with an app like Digital Downloads Pro, which automates the digital delivery of your products. Thanks to full customization options, this will still enable you to deliver a fully-branded experience, with a better customer journey that includes landing and thank you pages.

2. Easy File Management

Another huge consideration should be ease of file management. As your business starts to grow and offer a wider variety of products, or you find yourself needing to quickly update files linked to products with updated versions, you’ll find the ability to quickly and efficiently manage your files a huge time saver. 

Etsy is a popular option for digital download sales, especially among the creative community, but files need to be uploaded to each listing individually – time consuming if you need to replace products with updated versions across multiple listings. If you’re working with Shopify and Digital Downloads Pro, uploading one new source file means it will automatically update across all linked products – saving a huge amount of manual work (and eliminating the margin of human error!).

3. Security

Your product may be intangible, but it still holds intrinsic value, and as a result, can be a target for fraud and theft. Those selling digital downloads need to be aware of the measures they can take to protect their assets.

While some platforms like Gumroad offer lightweight DRM (digital rights management) we’d also recommend seeking out a solution that ensures you definitely get paid for your downloads via controlled delivery (i.e. files are only sent once payment is safely received) and payment checks. Digital Downloads Pro offers this feature to make sure no one is ever able to grab your files and then cancel payment.

4. Specialist Features

If you’re looking to sell a very specific file type, then you’ll want to make sure your platform is able to provide the additional features and functionality this might require. If you’re selling software online and looking to provide licence keys then Digital Downloads Pro offers automatic and manual licence key support, with a validation API option if required.


5. The Ability to Scale Affordably

When selecting a platform to sell digital products, scalability is crucial for long-term success. Have a careful think about each platform's pricing structure, as you’ll need to make sure that it would remain affordable as your business booms. Look for transparent pricing models without excessive fees that could impact profitability. Assess the platform's capability to handle increased traffic, transactions and larger product catalogues without compromising performance. Storage is something you’ll want to be able to add on as required (it’s a simple $1 per 1GB with Digital Downloads Pro!).

So, What’s the Best Platform for Selling Digital Products?

In the ever-expanding world of digital product sales, the right platform can make all the difference. While you’ll always need to weigh up the individual pros and cons as they relate to the specifics of your business, Shopify, coupled with Digital Downloads Pro, emerges as a standout choice for all round value and functionality. Shopify ensures an impeccable customer experience with streamlined design, while Digital Downloads Pro adds the finesse of automated digital delivery, shaping a fully-branded journey. 

Efficient file management becomes a breeze, especially as your offerings multiply and you can sleep easy knowing your files are well-protected and secure. With specialist features like automatic licence key support, diverse digital needs are catered for. The kicker? Scalability, made affordable. With transparent pricing and flexible storage options, it’s a win-win for your growing digital empire.

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