Filemonk vs. Digital Downloads Pro

filemonk and Digital Downloads Pro logo

Both Digital Downloads Pro and Digital Downloads by Filemonk are reliable applications that allow you to add digital content to your store and products.

However, in the battle of Digital Downloads Pro vs Digital Downloads - Filemonk, who comes out on top? 

Let’s see what each contender can bring to the table.

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Digital Downloads Pro Offers Automation And License Key Support

Automation features can save you an enormous amount of time and remove the need for manual operations.

Digital Downloads by Filemonk has no form of automation, so everything will need to be done manually. It also cannot add license keys to products in your store.
Digital Downloads Pro not only allows you to automate license keys, but you can also make use of API validation for better security.

  • Easy automation, eliminating the need for manual work
  • License key features to be added to your products
  • Automatic delivery to customers

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screenshot add branding in Digital Downloads Pro

Digital Downloads Pro Has Customization And Translation Features

For any business, it’s important to keep your branding consistent throughout your communications and customer touchpoints. This reinforces your brand image and builds recognition with customers.

In addition, being able to translate text into other languages is the best way to ensure that your products reach a global audience.

Digital Downloads Pro allows you to customize and translate customer emails easily. You can add your logo to your emails and download pages to ensure your branding shines through at every step of the selling process. Moreover, you can translate your text to the language of your customers to make the buying experience better.

While Filemonk’s Digital Downloads also offers customization, it doesn't offer translation features.

  • Easily translate customer emails
  • Translate download pages so that they are more accessible
  • Customize emails and pages with your logo and brand colors to reinforce your brand image

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Digital Downloads Pro security screenshot

Digital Downloads Pro Has Better Security

Security is an important aspect of running a successful Shopify store. If you’re wanting to add digital content to your products and deliver them to your customers, you need to use an application with good security.

Digital Downloads by Filemonk is barebones when it comes to security features. Digital Downloads Pro, on the other hand, enhances security for your online business.

Aside from the API validation option for the license keys, you’re able to protect your content with advanced delivery methods. These ensure that your emails and messages securely reach your customer.

Digital Downloads Pro also offers fraud and access control settings to protect your store, the products, and your personal information from unwanted intruders.

  • Offering validation when needing to create and send out license keys
  • Ensuring that your content that’s sent out is protected using advanced delivery methods
  • Using fraud and access control settings to protect your store

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The Bottom Line

It’s clear that Digital Downloads Pro offers more useful features than Digital Downloads by Filemonk.

You’re getting more value for money when choosing Digital Downloads Pro as you’ll have access to automation, heightened security, and translation features to name a few.
The truth is that Digital Downloads by Filemonk does the job, but Digital Downloads Pro does it better!