New Embedded Experience for Digital Downloads Pro

Digital Downloads Pro screenshot

We're excited to share the latest update to Digital Downloads Pro, making it an embedded app within the Shopify admin. You can now access the app and manage your digital products more easily, right from within your Shopify Admin.


Manage Everything in One Place

With this update, you don't need to switch between different screens to handle your digital products. Everything you need for Digital Downloads Pro is now just a click away in your Shopify admin area. This makes managing your products simpler and saves you time.

Quick Access to Important Features

It's now faster to get to the main features of Digital Downloads Pro. Add new digital products or check sales data - all these are just a few clicks away in your Shopify admin.

Your Feedback Matters

Your ideas and feedback help us improve. This change is just one way we're working to make Digital Downloads Pro better for you..

Look out for more updates from us and do get in contact if you have any feedback or ideas for improvement.

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Digital Downloads Pro screenshot
Digital Downloads Pro screenshot