How to Protect Your Digital Assets from Being Stolen or Shared

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Whether you’re selling physical products or digital files, all online commerce comes with a certain degree of risk to the vendor – and sadly ecommerce fraud is on the rise. Ecommerce companies are estimated to lose $48 billion to fraud each year, and whatever the size of your online operation, you’ll want to avoid becoming part of those statistics.


So how can you protect your digital products against customer fraud, sharing, theft or copying? The good news is that tech is constantly evolving to catch up with cyber criminals, and you have a wide range of tools at your disposal.



Digital Downloads Pro – Security Comes as Standard

When we created Digital Downloads Pro, we built advanced security measures into the very foundation of the app. What’s more, we’ve made these anti-fraud security features standard issue – included at every level of our pricing structure. 


Whether you’re just starting out in the world of digital products, or are looking for a solution that’s advanced enough to keep pace with thousands of license key requests, you’ll find the same level of protection baked in at no extra cost. Because everyone should be able to sell digital products online with confidence.


So what are some of the ways that you can use our app to ensure your files are well-protected?



Employ Good File Management

Keeping close control of your files is the first step towards protecting your digital products. The nature of selling digital goods online means that you’ll often have to upload new versions, editions or installments. The more complicated your process, the harder it is to keep tabs on your content – and the greater the risk of files being accessed by the wrong people. 


Digital Downloads Pro is designed to remove as much margin for human error as possible. We’ve done this by creating a system where you only need to update your source file once, and each product that file is linked to will automatically update to include the latest version.


This means you’re able to effortlessly update your customers with the correct digital products (content that they’ve definitely purchased access to), as Digital Downloads Pro handles potential hours of manual work in seconds.



Implement Controlled Delivery

Another important aspect of protecting your digital products is conducting payment checks. Once customers have your file in their possession, if their payment fails or is canceled, there’s little you can do. While digital products are “free” to replicate and have the benefit of being unlimited in terms of your stock, shoppers stealing content in this way can have a catastrophic impact on your profit margin.


With Digital Downloads Pro, we believe the solution lies in payment checks and controlled delivery. By conducting these checks and automatically delaying delivery until successful payment and low chance of fraud (according to the Shopify fraud analysis status) have been confirmed, you can ensure you’re always getting paid fairly for your digital products. Once again, this functionality comes as standard, with all price plans of Digital Downloads Pro – so whatever size your business (or ambitions!) you’ll know that you’re covered from the very first day of trading.



Make Your Policies Crystal Clear

Finally, if you’re going to avoid your files being shared, as well as taking the standard precautions of watermarking and adding download limits (included with Digital Downloads Pro) make sure you clearly communicate your policies and conditions of sale. 


Digital Downloads Pro allows you to customize and translate branded emails and thank you pages, meaning you can educate customers about sharing or copying your files, in their language of preference. No excuses!



Make the Most of a Fantastic Opportunity

The market for digital products is booming – don’t let the fear of fraud put you off making the most of this growing opportunity. To learn more about selling digital products online, grab a copy of our free ebook “The FORSBERG+two Guide to Selling Digital Products on Shopify” – – and get off to the best (and safest) start, with Digital Downloads Pro.

Download Digital Downloads Pro – free up to the first 50 orders per month.

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