How to Sell Software License Keys Online – with Shopify and Digital Downloads Pro

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If you’re looking for a solution to sell software license keys online, Shopify and Digital Downloads Pro have you covered. In this short article, we’ll outline how. 


Why Sell Software License Keys Online With Shopify?

Shopify offers a host of advantages for businesses looking to sell and manage their license keys online. The platform has been designed with an exceptionally user-friendly interface, and secure infrastructure. This means you can get up and running quickly, with a professional looking online store that converts well. 

Shopify's robust hosting enables you to deliver a smooth customer experience. And with an increasing number of users accessing online stores through mobile devices, Shopify ensures that brands can provide a consistent user experience across different devices – especially important when selling a digital product.

Finally, Shopify boasts a thriving ecosystem of seamless integration options, which means that businesses can easily add functionality to perform more specialized functionality when selling digital products online. When it comes to selling digital products such as software, working with a third party app like Digital Downloads Pro transforms your Shopify store by adding the additional features you need to sell and manage your license keys.



How Does Digital Downloads Pro Help You Sell Software License Keys Online?

So, what are these additional features? Digital Downloads Pro has been designed from the ground up to facilitate the process of selling digital products, including software license keys, on the Shopify platform.

Some of the key features that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of businesses selling software license keys include:

Secure Download Links

Digital Downloads Pro enables the creation of secure download links for your software products, ensuring that only authorized customers can gain access. This is of paramount importance when you’re selling a digital product that often commands a higher value.

License Key Management

Management of keys can quickly become a real headache – but Digital Downloads Pro helps guard against this. The intuitive interface allows for easy management and distribution of software license keys to customers upon purchase, streamlining the process and providing a smooth and efficient delivery mechanism that’s easy to scale alongside your business.

Customizable Delivery Options

By giving you the opportunity to define when delivery of digital files or license keys takes place, you can ensure that payment is safely received before access to your product is granted. When selling digital products, instant delivery can heighten the risk of fraud, so this is a very helpful additional protection.

Integration with Shopify

Digital Downloads Pro seamlessly integrates with the Shopify platform, enabling businesses to manage their entire online store, including the sale of software license keys, from a single unified interface. No more juggling.

How to Get the Best Out of this Powerful Combo

Digital Downloads Pro is the latest release from FORSBERG+two, whose apps have helped over 100,000 Shopify businesses succeed on the platform. 

By leveraging Digital Downloads Pro, businesses can transform their online sales process, ensuring secure and efficient delivery of software license keys to customers while providing a seamless and user-friendly purchasing experience.

The drag and drop interface means you’ll have access to fast and efficient product setup.  And efficient management features (one change to  your source file automatically updates across all products) means you won’t be losing hours to tedious tinkering as new versions of your software are released.

Ready to start selling software license keys on Shopify?

Install Digital Downloads Pro for a streamlined, secure solution.

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