Selling Digital Products on Shopify: Stack Essentials

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Wondering how to sell digital downloads on Shopify? To achieve success you will – of course – need a standout product. But if your digital product business is to truly thrive, it's also crucial to have the right tools and solutions in your tech stack.

In this article, we'll explore four essential technical solutions that can empower you to sell more efficiently, solidifying your reputation and building a stellar reputation in the digital product market.

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1. Speedy Support

As your digital product business scales, customer support becomes increasingly important. Customers might have questions about their downloads or face issues with file delivery, and handling these badly can cause real frustration and a rapid decline in trust. Getting a great solution in place before you start growing rapidly is the key to sidestepping headaches here. 

For this reason, as you start to scale and find success, you may wish to invest in a customer support solution that can help you track, manage and respond to any customer queries as they arise. 

For stores built on Shopify, we really rate Gorgias when it comes to setting up a streamlined support solution. One of the best aspects of their product is the holistic view it takes when it comes to support – helping you to reply to questions as they pop up across all channels (i.e. on social ads and content, as well as direct inquiries).



2. Reassuring Social Proof

In ecommerce, your reputation is everything, especially when you're not selling physical products. Customer reviews and testimonials can be powerful tools to build trust and demonstrate the value of your digital products. Integrating a review collection app can help you collect and display the feedback from happy customers. 

Showcasing positive reviews creates social proof and encourages potential buyers to trust your offerings. It's a compelling and transparent way to honestly communicate the quality and value of your digital products.

For reviews, check out Junip. Their mobile first solution is geared towards collecting plenty of valuable UGC (user generated content) as well as those all important reviews. What’s more, review widgets are customizable, so you can be sure they’ll match your brand.



3. SEO for Your Niche

Digital products are often targeted at very niche audiences. While delivering a great customer experience is essential, you also need to reach your target audience effectively. Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a crucial role in making your digital products discoverable and driving organic traffic to your store.


Optimizing your Shopify store for search engines helps you stand out in your niche. An SEO optimization tool can assist in keyword research, on-page optimization and monitoring your SEO performance. By using SEO tools, you'll also have a better chance of attracting a relevant audience and driving more traffic to your digital product listings.


If you’re looking for an SEO solution that’s specifically built for Shopify (saving you a lot of time and hassle!) then we’d suggest checking out Booster SEO and Image Optimizer. By their own admission, they might not be the cheapest on the market, but in this case, you really are getting what you pay for. The fantastic customer service alone makes them worth the monthly charge. Couple that with high performance and the peace of mind that your site is firing on all cylinders, and you’re onto a winner.



4. A Digital Downloads Solution, Built for Shopify

For success selling digital products on Shopify, you need a robust digital downloads solution and to achieve the most seamless and streamlined results, we’d recommend working with a product designed specifically for selling via Shopify. 

Managing your digital product files efficiently is key to a smooth customer experience (and can save hours of your time!) so make sure you select a solution that accounts for this. A user-friendly interface to upload, organize and update your files seamlessly is essential. Automation is also important for any business with ambitions to scale.

Your digital products are unique, and you should be able to tailor the delivery process to match your brand's style. Your solution should allow you to customize the download experience so it aligns with your brand identity. Protecting your digital products from unauthorized access or distribution is also important – a good solution should offer content protection features to safeguard your intellectual property.

Of course, even with the best solution, technical questions may crop up and when they do, you’ll need your answers quickly. That's why responsive and knowledgeable customer support is essential, and not to be underestimated.

When looking for a reliable digital downloads solution, Digital Downloads Pro ticks all the boxes. Our Shopify app offers exceptional file management, including the ability to have all products automatically update to include the most recent version of an uploaded file. Additionally, you’re able to customize your download page and thank you email – an essential aspect of your customer experience.

Importantly, you control when files are delivered – this means you can make sure you’ve received payment, before providing your customer with the goods. Finally, we have an industry-leading support team, offering exceptional assistance and advice around the clock. 



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